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Coal is holding back Germany’s transition to clean energy

Germany’s share of wind and solar has almost doubled since 2015 and it now produces about half of its electricity from clean sources. However, despite coal generation falling by 34% over that same period, it still accounted for 31% of Germany’s electricity in 2022.

Germany is leading the G20 in the deployment of wind and solar with a share of 32% in 2022, which puts it ahead of the United Kingdom (29%) and Australia (25%)

Germany’s coal generation looms dark over its climate credentials. Germany has yet to legislate to bring forward its 2038 coal exit, although the new government has announced plans to phase out coal “ideally” by 2030. A rapid shift away from coal is needed for Germany to align with 1.5C.


Last updated: May 2023

Progress towards 1.5C power sector benchmarks

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