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A glimpse of how Ember turns data into action.

Turning data into action

Ember was launched in 2020 with a mission to accelerate the clean energy transition with data and policy.
We gather, curate and analyse data on the power sector and coal mine methane emissions, and make it open for all to use. Our data and insights change energy policy, shift the global narrative, and empower other organisations to do the same. In 2023, we developed and updated 17 open data tools tracking global and regional electricity transition covering 88 countries & regions with monthly data and 223 countries & regions with annual data. We launched a new coal mine methane data tracker which scores countries on how well they were found to be reporting on coal mine methane emissions.

Our data-led insights garnered widespread coverage by articulating positive, easy-to-understand messages that effectively communicated the accelerating clean energy transition. We have been at the heart of recent policy shifts in Europe and Asia. 

“Ember continues to build on its impressive track record of providing, analysing and narrating the transformation of the electricity sector – the “go to powerhouse” for the global community working on this issue. Ember has provided underlying data and analysis to enable Civil Society Organizations in an ecosystem working on the power sector to get behind and advocate for the groundbreaking COP28 pledge to triple renewables to 2030 – a concrete outcome with a near term time frame that underlines the transformative role of wind and solar.”

Rebecca Collyer, Executive Director, ReNew2030

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Policy Impacts

Our Impactful Narratives

Looking ahead

Ember continues to chase its overarching goal to elevate the major policy issues to the top of the political agenda, so that by 2025, the major emitters are successfully implementing a credible plan to transform their power sector and coal mining methane emissions in line with 1.5C. 

In 2024 we will expand our influence on energy policy across Asia to accelerate the clean electricity transition in more countries. We will embark on new research around electrification in all our work, to ensure policymakers understand the decarbonisation opportunity. We will enhance Ember’s international brand, and drive more legislative attention onto policy for deploying clean power and policy to reduce coal mine methane.

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