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A clean, electrified energy future

Ember envisions a future energy system that is reshaped around clean electrification, as abundant solar and wind power drive down consumption of fossil fuels across every sector, including transport and heating.

Our vision of a clean, electrified energy system for all

Ember envisions a future where electricity powers most of the global economy. It will heat our homes, fuel our cars, and power our industry. Electricity will replace our need for fossil fuels. 

Clean power at the heart of the future energy system
Ember sees that the scale-up of wind and solar provides the best opportunity to rapidly reduce emissions this decade, both by directly replacing fossil power and by reducing fossil consumption through electrification of heating, transport and industry.

Moving beyond fossil fuels
The current energy system based on fossil fuels is the main driver of climate change. Extracting fossil fuels releases methane, then burning them releases carbon dioxide. Coal-fired electricity in particular needs to rapidly decline by 2030, driving a 75% reduction in coal mine methane.

Access to affordable energy for all
An energy system based clean power will bring down costs and ensure that every single person in the world will have access to affordable clean energy.

A more efficient, secure energy system
Electrification is a major driver of efficiency gains, as electric heating, transport and cooking are many times more efficient than the fossil fuel alternatives. Moreover, there's no need for continued fossil imports, which are replaced with homegrown wind and solar power.

Electricity becomes the “new oil” of the global energy system.

Fatih Birol Executive director of the International Energy Agency

The ambition required for 1.5C

We’re focused on two solutions that can together deliver more than half of the emissions cuts needed this decade: accelerating clean electricity and cutting coal mine methane emissions.

Moving from fossil fuels to a clean, electrified energy system will bring many benefits beyond the climate: boosting energy security, reducing energy costs, creating jobs and reducing health-harming pollution.
Global renewables capacity triples from 2022 to 2030
Fall in coal mine methane emissions required by 2030
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