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Russia’s electricity transition has yet to begin

Russia had the world’s fifth most CO2-emitting power sector in 2022. Yet, there has been almost no change to its mix in two decades. Russia still has near-zero wind and solar generation. Coal supplied 18% of Russia’s electricity in 2022, and a further 43% from fossil gas. 

This leaves Russia very much a global outlier – there is no other G20 country that has yet to plan wind or solar at scale. Saudi Arabia and Indonesia are the only other G20 countries to have so little wind and solar power, but they both now have ambitious plans.

Russia has announced a 2060 net zero pledge, and although there are short-term targets for renewable electricity, they are very modest and are not on target to be met. In the midst of the global upheaval of energy systems as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it is unclear whether these commitments will be upheld.


Last updated: April 2023

Progress towards 1.5C power sector benchmarks

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